Research & Development

You find our Products and Solutions in so many different Branches of Research and Development. Just few Examples:


Vacuum Applications

Measurements and Controls of Microflows as 0.1 Mililiter per Minute we do with our MicroTrak 101 Series inclusive the leading Multigasfunction. Typical Applications are in the Space Technology and in all other Vessels, where Vacuum is used.

High Pressure Reactors

We measure and control Gasflows with Pressures up to over 100barg with our leading 100HP- Series. Even in these ranges of pressure our Multigas-Technology makes life very easy and comfortable. Typical Applications are Bioreactors and all other high Pressure Vessels.

High Purity Gases

For all High Purity Applications we propose our „Oxygen cleaned“ Option for Mass Flow Meter, Mass Flow Controllers and our for Deadvolume optimiced Premium Valves.

Precise Flowcontrol of any Gasmix

We measure and control all Gases and Gasmixes according to your Specifications. For aggressive and toxic Gases we need special Materials and refer to the special rules and regulations by law.