Semiconductor Processing

Semiconductor Processing asks for very high Requirements and it is a Challenge to optimize the Process of Manufacturing. The Gases are aggressive, very expensive and the Process itself has to be absolutely clean without any Memory Effects. Let’s talk about your Needs.


OEM Tools

Flexibility is key! We manufacture turnkey Instruments and also customize our Instruments to meet specific Application fit and budget needs. Most of the Time, we customize for free and our Payback is the additional Experience we get from each Application.

Semiconductor Tool Support

Our Mass Flow Meters and Controllers are used to control the Environment in many Tools, from controlling the Air Cushion in Photolithography Tools to purge Gases in PVD Tools.

Wafer Cleaning & Polishing

OEMs that manufacture Wafer cleaning Tools need Mass Flow Meters and Controllers with low Pressure Drop, precision Mass Flow Control while at the same Time are easy to use, have a small Footprint, and come with a Global Support Network.

Purging & carrier Gases

We have developed some unique Flowmeters and Flow Controllers for the Measurement and Control of Carrier and Purge Gases, offering higher Flows with lower Pressure Drops than the Rest of the Industry.

Low Pressure Drop Control

Ultra low Pressure Drop MFC's improve Efficiency. The UHP Gas used in many Semiconductor Processes is expensive, and Tool Makers want to extract as much Work out of this Gas as possible.


Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) has been a staple Application for Sierra since we introduced our Mass Flow Meters and Controllers in the 1980's. Our Ability to handle High Flows of corrosive Gases with a low Pressure Drop makes our Products your optimal Solution.

Bulk UHP Gas Delivery

Our Ultra High Purity thermal Mass Flow Meter is the Industry choice for bulk Gas Distribution service in Semiconductor Fabs, pharmaceutical Production and other ultra-clean Processes.