Water&Waste Water treatment

Water is as food and it is a Fascination as we are drinking excatly the same Water as many years ago the Dinosaurs. Water treatment is therefore very important and we supply solutions for these Applications:


Water Flow measurement

For precision Water Flow Measurement, clamp-on ultrasonic Flow Meters are ideal as well as Vortex Meters. We supply a wide variety of Meters ideal for Water and water-based Fluid Measurement.


Ozone is a key Gas used in the disinfection of treated Water. Our thermal Flowmeters and Vortex Meters have long been used to measure the output of Ozone generation Systems.

Chlorine Injection

Chlorine is often added to disinfect treated Water. It is a difficult Gas to work with due to its corrosive nature and thus requires expensive dispensation equipment. We supply an innovative Flow Meter for Clorine injection applications called ChlorineTrak.


Our 640S SteelTrak immersible Thermal Flowmeters are ideal for measuring compressed Air to aeration Basins. They are easy to install, just insert the Probe into the Pipe and get direct Mass Flow readings of Air to the aeration Basin for optimal Aeration.

Sewage gas

In-line thermal Mass Flowmeters are ideal for Digester and Sewage Gas Measurement. Flow conditioning allows the Flowmeter to fit into very restrictive Piping and the large turndown Ratio fully captures all the Digester gas produced at high and very low Flow Rates.