We design, manufacture and supply turnkey Plants and Installations in normal Steel or stainless Steel for your Application. Please find here as Example one of our Natural Gas Pressure Reducing Station to supply Natural Gas into the Pipeline.


After Calculating and Design we manufactured, according to our own Drafts and in accordance with the regulations, the Piping and all the Supports to assemble everything into the Cabinet.







After the successful Leak Detection Test and x-ray of the weldseams all Pipes get cleaned and get a professional industrial powder coating in yellow. Now, the final Installation is done in less than an hour.







After Completion of the Installation, the Regulators are prepared for the Start up and the client receives after our final Leak Detection Test an approved completed Unit, ready to go.








After connecting the Pipelines the Comissioning was done in less than one hour.







 Let’s talk about your Needs in Installations and Plants.


Find some more examples and let’s talk about your Needs in Installations and Plants: