Flow Measurement Liquids

For the Flow Metering of Fluids we have our Ultrasonic Systems and our Vortex Flowmeters. Depending on the Specification of the Application as Temperature, Fluid, Pipediameter etc. we recommend the optimal solution for you. Our mobile Systems make life easier for certain Applications.

InnovaSonic 205i Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Sierra’s Innova-Sonic® 205i ultrasonic flow meter incorporates the latest developments in digital signal processing to deliver highly accurate and repeatable flow measurement for a wide variety of liquids and pipe sizes. The 205i has sophisticated electronics coupled with powerful ultrasonic transducers to make this universal transit-time flow meter the top choice of industry leaders. Description

InnovaSonic 210i Ultrasonic Portable Flow Meter

Sierra’s next generation Innova-Sonic 210i ultrasonic flow meter succeeds at delivering portability and expanded functionality at a significantly reduced cost. Description

InnovaSonic 203 Economical Ultrasonic Transit-Time Flow Meter

Sierra’s new Innova-Sonic® 203 ultrasonic flow meter delivers highly accurate and repeatable flow measurement for water at a significantly reduced cost. Incorporating the core technologies of Sierra’s flagship 205i, the design of the 203 universal transit-time flow meter is focused on those features that optimize the measurement of water flows in HVAC, irrigation, and other water applications. Description

InnovaMass 240 VTP Vortex Flow Meter

Sierra was the first to introduce a multivariable mass vortex flow meter to the market in the late 1990’s. Sierra’s multivariable product line features an in-line version, the InnovaMass® 240 and a unique insertion version, the InnovaMass® 241. Description

InnovaMass Flow Switch

Sierra Instruments’ Innova-Switch represents the State-of-the-art in gaseous and liquid flow switching or liquid level control and continues the Sierra tradition of providing the highest quality mass flow meters and controllers in the industry. Description