Butterfly Valve with friction locked Sealing Principle

The Hydromat is a full enamelled Butterfly Valve for Drinking Water. The concentric bearing-mounted Valve Disk makes the advantage of an friction-locked Sealing possible.

The Heavy-Duty Sealing of this Premium Butterfly Valve reaches an extremely lifetime. The Hydromat is equipped with an AUMA Valve-Gearing and is produced and assembled in Germany since 1953. 

Since many Decades, the Hydromat is a very well proofed Valve for Drinking Water. Designed for Underground-Applications as well as for Applications in Pumpstations or Drinking Water Reservoirs, the Hydromat makes a lot of Advantages possible by the realiable Design and the operational Reliability over Decades.

Sizes from DN150 to DN1200 PN10 or PN16, in short Version or in long Version with Bypass.