Pure Gas Components for any Application

Premium Bellow- and Diaphragm Valves are in a huge Variety avaiable. Pneumatical Drives NO or NC, mechanical turnable Knobs, movable Leverarms or fine Threads with Nonius etc.

Damaged Valveseats and leaking Valves  through overforced Thighting is not anymore possible. The Valveseats are protect against mechanical Overload.

Our Products are well proofed in many Applications as ultra high Purity, Bioengineering, Medical, Semiconductor as well as in other Applications with corrosive Gases.

We are very flexible to deliver any customized Product with Options as Position Indicator, Locks and other Functionalities.

Filters, Check Valves, Pipes and Special Components according to your Needs.

Standard valves


Customized Valves