Production & Manufacturing

Production & Manufacturing in nearly all Branches need Flowmeasurement, Flowcontrol, Components, Valves and Piping etc. The Efficiency of existing Plants and Equipment can be dramatically improved by Modifications or Retrofits to an higher technical Level. The Processes after this refreshments are more precise and faster. The total costs of Production & Manufacturing are reduced through lower Energy costs, lower Consumption of Material and Ressources and a higher Quality of your products. That’s a smart way to get the payback and the profit of your investment. Typical Applications are:


Reduced Consumption of comprimized Air

Comprimized Air is indeed a very expensive Medium. The Compressors are oftly driven by Electricity and nobody cares about the Consumption of pressurized Air. Cutting down this Airconsumption results straightaway in Savings. Use our Products, reduce your Costs and find Leaks into your Airsystems.

Control of Welding by Control of Forming Gases

Forming Gases control your Welding Process and these Gases are quite expensive. The Quality of your Welding will be better by precise Control of these Gases, while saving Money through a lower Consumption.

Quality Control of your Semi Products or Approval of your Products

The Quality of Production & Manufacturing can sometimes be controlled by the resistance of the Product against Air. It’s easy to proof the excact Airflow through a Surface or through a Gap. An interesting Alternative for the Approval of your Products.

Control of Consumption

Wear and Tear etc. can often be easily detected by Control of the Consumption of Medias. If these Values are under Control of your PLC System, you feel any Changements very fast and the Problem can be solved before a Damage occurs.