Natural Gas Measurement & Control

Natural Gas is a worthful Energy. The Consumption of Natural Gas is optimized and the Flow of Natural Gas is controlled and Flowmeters report the actual Energy Consumption. Find some different Applications:


Boiler Efficiency

Don't waste energy and improve your boiler efficiency. Our Thermal Flowmeters are used extensively to measure and control both the Fuel Gas and the Air to Boilers for an optimized fuel-to-air Ratio.

Burner Control: Temperature Control

In the Manufacture of precision Glass, the Melt Temperature must be precisely controlled. If you treat Steel by open Flames the Process is depending on the precise Temperature control of the Flame temperature. Mass flow control of the fuel-to-air ratio to the burner will keep these Temperatures constant.

Burner Control: constant Flamesize through constant delta P

The Control of the Flame size happens by regulating a constant pressure drop over the complete Flowrange of the Gas. With our Products, we provide the ideal Solution for this Application.

Natural Gas Distribution

As soon you distribute Natural Gas through Pipesystems or supply Gas to your client you need reliable Gas Meters to count the supplied amount of energy. Our Meters are the ideal Tools for this Application.